My Labradors

Lucky (Lancastria Newman)

Lancastria Indiana X Ludalor Moonbeam

Born: 2011

Hips 6:5 Elbows 0:0 Clear Eye Certificate PRA Normal Clear

Available at stud to approved bitches


Lucky is just a typical Labrador—exactly what it says on the ‘packet’. Bright, cheerful, always seeking to please (that’s when not into mischief) a very special kind, temperament.

Due to my personal circumstances he has been shown very little but has been placed every time out.

He is working to the whistle and thoroughly enjoys being out in the fields.

But his most favourite pastime is swimming and then wetting us all through!!

He has just sired his first litter with Chance giving us a beautiful litter of yellow and black pups. Can be seen on our Gallery page.

Summer (Ludalor Midsummer Sun)

Born: 2003 Hip & Eye Tested


Summer is sadly no longer with me and missed every day.

Summer came to live with me at 8 weeks old.
Her father is a prolific show champion and mother Meg was a duel purpose bitch.

She enjoyed her show career gaining her Junior Warrant Certificate by 14 months old.

Motherhood suited her; she loves babes making a wonderful job of rearing them. Her offspring have moved on to success in many spheres. The most important are the ones who have become home pets giving so much pleasure. A number have done well in the show ring, one winning Reserve Championship Certificate at Crufts.

She was a great character who knows and was great fun to live with.
Swimming and working in the field were her most favourite pastimes.

Her temperament was the best I could wish for and she has passed this on to her children.

Moonbeam (Ludalor Moonbeam)

Born 2005 Hip and Eye Tested

CH Amberstope Bluemoon X CH Ludalor Lilly

MoonbeamM’ is bred out of full champions. This means that her parents have been made champions in the show world and also gained a Show Working Gundog Certificate.

She never missed getting placed when competing at Open Shows and achieved Firsts in Puppy Classes at Championship Shows at Driffield and Darlington.

‘M’ has all her Good Citizen Awards. She has taken part in any number of school visits where her friendly, even disposition shines.

Now living like a princess in retirement.

Amber (Lancastria Amber JW)

Born 2005 Hip and Eye Tested

Ludalor Lloyd X Ludalor Midsummer Sun JW

AmberAmber is Summers daughter. She followed in her mothers footsteps by going into the show world gaining her Junior Warrant Certificate by 12 months old.

Her claim to fame is that she has been in the main ring at Crufts. She won her way through to the finals of The Junior Warrant Competition in which hundreds of dogs took part. She also holds two Reserve Championship Challenge Certificates.

She is fantastic fun to live with and takes great pleasure running the fields with her mum. The pair are inseparable but she still knows who is the boss!

In true retriever fashion she works out in the field.

She became a mum in 2009 making Summer a grandma.

Now living like a princess in retirement.

Lady (Lancastria Foxy Lady)

CH Ludalor Lunar Orbit X Ludalor Midsummer Sun JW

Born: 2007 Hip & Eye Tested

LadyHad her first litter in 2010 again making Summer a granny. She has followed in her footsteps by being a great mum.
She enjoys her dog family but will do anything to be with her human family. Lady would spend all day searching and retrieving and go all over again the day after.

Star (Lancastria Future Star)

CH Ludalor Lunar Orbit X Ludalor Midsummer Sun JW

Born: 2007 Hip & Eye Tested Pra Clear

StarStar is Ludalor line breeding as his mother is Summer and father Ludalor Lunar Orbit. (Seth to his friends) Seth is a constant winner at championship show level and a full champion having gained his show gundog working certificate. Star enjoys the show ring but prefers the outdoor life. His hobbies are swimming, walking, football and spending time snoozing with dad on the settee.

Two of his sisters have gone on to gain Junior Warrants and reserve cc’s.

He is a stunning looking dog with a great character.

Hip score 0-0 Elbow score 0-0 current clear eye cert Optigen Tested clear

Available at stud to approved bitches

Indiana (Lancastria Indiana)

SH CH Halshimoor Lincoln X Lancastria Amber JW

Born: 2009 Pra Clear

EIC clear current eye certificate


Indie again brought new breed lines into my kennel. Amber is his mother but Halshimoor Lincoln is his father. Lincoln is a Show Champion. Indie takes forward the ambition of Lancastria Kennels to breed for temperament and conformation.

He has done well in the show ring and is progressing in his Field Trial training. Again we find ourselves with a water babe who would live in the water given the opportunity.

He has sired two litters for me and helped to produce some quality pups. You can see them on our Puppy Pages.

Hips 0-0 Elbows 0 – 0 pra clear Current eye certificate.

Chance (Stormley Just by Chance for Lancastria )

SH.CH.Sandylands Pressed for Time X Stormley Rowena

Born: 2009 Pra Clear

ChanceChance has brought the Sandylands and Stormley bloodlines into my kennels.
She has only been lightly shown but has spent time training in the field.
Being a very sociable girl Chance enjoys spending time with an elderly relative to whom she gives much pleasure. Her calmness and kindness seem to show through at these times.
Her first litter is proving to be one of quality. One of her yellow girls has already been to two Companion Shows and received the award of Best Dog on both occasions. For more information go to Faith on our Puppy Pages.
Hips 2 : 2 Elbows 0 : 0 Clear Eye Certificate PRA Normal Clear

Missy (Stormley Miss Marple for Lancastria)

Stormley Crafty Master with Rhodenash X Stormley Rowena

Born: 2010

MissiMissi’, as she is known at home brought together two pedigree lines of Stormley dogs to produce the most true to type Labrador. She has good pigment and a rich Dark chocolate coat. She is easy to live with showing the kindest of all temperaments. Her quality shone through when, at her first competition,Midland Counties Championship show she qualified for Crufts and was declared best chocolate bitch.
Hips 4 : 0  Clear Eye Certificate PRA Normal Clear